Extensive tract of undisturbed tropical rainforest

Sinharaja Forest Reserve, the island extensive tract of undisturbed tropical rainforest which is spread over 11187 hactores . Sinharaja s quite unlike anywhere else on the island, an impenetrable expanse of intertwined trees, ferns and lianas tangled together in Amazonian exuberance and humming with the noise of cicadas and the chirrupings of bird life.

biological importance

The entire reserve is an ecological treasure box, containing on fewer than 830 species of endemic flora and fauna, including numerous rare species of trees, bird life, reptiles , and insects.

a new experience

For the casual visitor it’s the spectacular density of the reserve’s vegetation that is likely to make the most impact. It’s soaring tropical hardwoods from a dense canopy, which shuts out most sunlight and direct rainfall but locks in humidity, creating a dim, intensely humid atmosphere at ground level akin to being in an enormous green house. Many of the island’s endemic birds species can be found here.

let's explore

More than anywhere else in the island, it’s worth coming to Sinharaja with an expert guide who should have good knowledge and good eye, because many wild life are camafladge
Explore Sinharaja we offer unmatch touring experience of Sinharaja Rain forest tracking.

explore sinharaja

Explore with us an unmatched experience of a thick rainforest in the beautiful island of Sri Lanka.

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